Through The Stage Door Podcast Episode 2: Expo Chicago's Tony Karman

The second episode of the International Beethoven Project's new podcast, which I host, Through The Stage Door, is an in-depth interview with Tony Karman, Founder, President and Director of Expo Chicago, the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art. Now in its fifth year, Expo Chicago brings over 140 leading galleries from over 52 cities in 23 countries. Karman's vision for Expo Chicago is to create one of the best markets for art in the world while fulfilling a civic duty to engage with the city in full. In all his years of work in the art world, Tony Karman has learned that collaboration and service are key to genuine success.

As a side note, the introduction to the podcast unfortunately contains a couple of slight factual errors. Art Chicago was not the original name of Chicago's first art fair, but was the new name given it in the 90s. The original name of what was the first international art fair in North and South America was "Chicago International Art Exposition". Also, it was not launched in 1980 but in 1979.

Lastly, the music you here in the podcast includes a live performance of Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata I did at the Beethoven Festival in 2011, as well as a track by Lee Rosevere called "Say Something Like That".

Enjoy this episode, share with your circles, and let me know what you think!