My Life As Seen Through The Press

Please enjoy this compilation of press links I have appeared in, with occasional commentary. My goal is to have absolutely all press mentions listed here, which may take me a little time to compile. If you think something important is missing here, please let me know! 

Press is a funny thing: when you get out there and become active in the world, things start popping up. At first, you're tickled just to see your name published by a third party. But as it keeps coming, it loses some of its charm, and you start becoming pickier about depictions of your work, into which you've put in so much effort. And the day that negative press and commentary starts coming out, which inevitably it will if you remain engaged, you start seeing the cracks in the journalistic approach. Just as performing without proper preparation would be ill-advised, so is poorly researched and analyzed journalism! Yet, it happens. I am certainly lucky to have received a considerable amount of fantastic and well-researched press, but I have also received some negative articles and commentary that have mostly been bad journalism and of dubious intent. There are occasionally legitimate criticisms, and I accept them when valid, but that seems to be the exception to the rule. I nevertheless make all of it available on this page because being passionately engaged in the world brings with it the good and the bad, and I accept the fruits of plenty given me as well as the rotten tomatoes. I'm happy to share the public record.

I will certainly, at some point, share some thoughts on all this in future blogposts and podcasts. 



George Lepauw named Chicagoan of the Year (2012) in the Chicago Tribune, for Classical Music. 

Crain's Chicago Business (2014) by Graham Meyer

Huffington Post (2013) by Elysabeth Alfano

Time Out Chicago (2011) by Mia Clarke

New York Times (2010) by Vivien Schweitzer

"For One Night, Chicago Becomes Center of Beethoven's Universe" Chicago Tribune (2009) by John von Rhein