Through The Stage Door: The podcast

I’m pleased to announce the launch of “Through The Stage Door”, which is produced by the International Beethoven Project, but designed and hosted by me, George Lepauw. The purpose of this podcast is to freely explore the world of the arts, the people, the ideas and the principles that drive the creative fields. Through The Stage Door gives listeners unequalled access to the artists behind the art, to the leaders who shape the art world, and to the radicals past and present who continuously redefine art, and in so doing, our entire world. Through The Stage Door is your very own backstage pass, giving you complete behind the scenes access. And, this podcast is for anyone curious about the arts, whether you are an expert in an art field or just an onlooker. There may occasional expert speak, but these conversations are typically informal and designed for the general public of all ages.

Episode 1 is an in-depth interview with the piano duo and YouTube sensation Anderson & Roe, who have revolutionized the classical music video genre, producing nearly 50 high-quality videos of incomparable creativity, cleverness, and artistry. It's a little over 2 hours long, but I had a blast talking to these two brilliant minds and I highly recommend it to everyone remotely interested in music (of any genre), film and art. There was also lots of great life experience and wisdom shared in this conversation, lots of good things to reflect upon for just about anyone. 

This podcast is currently sitting on SoundCloud, a great platform for sharing anything audio. But the plan is to get it onto the iTunes podcast platform in September which will help connect to an even wider audience. 

Enjoy, and help spread the word on social media too! 

And by the way, I'm looking for sponsors to help support this podcast. Are you someone who might be interested and able to help with that? Contact me!