Patreon Project

After months of preparation, I am happy to announce the wholehearted launch of my Patreon Project (click to visit page). This is my first time making use of any crowd funding platform, and I do not jump on it lightly. But Patreon is one I really believe is changing the way art is made for the better, by democratizing patronage and allowing anyone to "subscribe" to the creator and provide reliable, regular support to fulfill serious, long term projects. Beyond the necessary financial support it provides, it is also designed to give the artist’s backers an opportunity to be part of an artist’s close family of friends and fans, with an up-close view of the entire artistic process from concept to full realization. Backers can communicate with the artist easily and are an integral part of the project.

My primary drive for this Patreon Project is my desire to make great recordings on my terms, with the addition of multi-disciplinary collaborations that are critical to my vision. This is personal for me, in the sense that it is about expressing my passions and creativity as a musician in a way that fully reflects who I am. I’ve always had a curious mind, and I’ve pursued a multi-faceted path of creative exploration and cultural activism my whole life. I love history, and I’ve always wanted to build upon tradition to innovate in the service of a more beautiful and peaceful world. I see my relationship to classical music, art history, and contemporary culture as intertwined. For me, art is humanity, and without art, there is no humanity.

If you are interested in my work, I strongly encourage you to support me on this Patreon Project (click here to find out how). Your support, in recurring monthly installments of your choice (as little as $1), will have a direct impact on my ability to produce the projects listed below. They include my planned recordings of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Beethoven’s Sonatas, Debussy’s Preludes, and a multitude of additional creative expressions layered onto the music in some form or another (visual art, film, dance, theater, literature, poetry…). This is meaningful to me and my vision, but will also help the music reach a much wider audience over time. I don’t want to just run in and out of the studio, make a recording, release it, promote it, then move on to the next in a hurry. Instead, I want it to be a deep and meaningful artistic journey of philosophical questioning and discovery. Only your support will make this possible. Patrons will be kept abreast of the project’s progress and have rare access to each stage of this adventure. There are also specific rewards for each level of support.

Click here to learn how to join my Patreon Project.