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I am thrilled to announce the launch of my Patreon page (click here to visit Patreon)! Its purpose is to gather friends and fans together to make some of my artistic visions come to life. This team building and crowd funding platform gives me the necessary freedom to create more meaningful art by offering a sounding board and financial patronage, and allows fans an intimate look at the trajectory I take from original idea to finished product. Lend your support and join the team!



COMPLETE Debussy Preludes



New podcast!

introducing "Through the stage door"

I’m pleased to announce “Through The Stage Door”, which is produced by the International Beethoven Project, and hosted by me. The purpose of this podcast is to freely explore the world of the arts, the people, the ideas and the principles that drive the creative fields. Through The Stage Door gives listeners unequalled access to the artists behind the art, to the leaders who shape the art world, and to the radicals past and present who continuously redefine art, and in so doing, our entire world. Through The Stage Door is your very own backstage pass, giving you complete access behind the scenes. 

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