The International Beethoven Project

I founded the International Beethoven Project (IBP) as a non-profit in 2009 in Chicago, with the goal of building a platform to make classical music more relevant to the world and its cultural zeitgeist, to awaken the interest of new audiences and to showcase the most creative and collaborative musicians of our time. Beethoven serves as the organization's masthead because he represents the ideal, forward-thinking artist who also seeks inspiration in the masters of the past; Beethoven's music is also intended to serve humanity and inspire a more perfect world. Furthermore, I have always been deeply moved by Beethoven's perseverance in the face of terrible adversity in his personal and professional life, and that grit also drives forth this ambitious and challenging project.

With Beethoven's upcoming 250th birthday in 2020, it is the organization's stated mission to leverage that opportunity to give classical music a major boost in this 21st century. 

As President and Artistic Director of IBP since 2009, I am proud to say that the organization has served as the platform for the world premiere of two recently discovered works of Beethoven; of nearly 100 new works of music by living composers (many of which IBP commissioned); as the producer of the annual Beethoven Birthday Bashes every December 16th since 2010; and as producer of the legendary and critically-acclaimed Beethoven Festivals and Unfestivals since 2011 every September. All of that has been made possible by a massive collaborative spirit between hundreds of musicians, visual artists, dancers, volunteers and generous donors who together have created something magical and memorable. I could not be more proud. IBP, in all its forms, multi-genre and pluri-disciplinary explorations, has always been true to the spirit of its namesake and to the idea of artistic freedom. Throughout this adventure, there have been big highs and a faire share of challenges, but the intent has remained the same throughout. It is my hope that more people will join as audience members, as administrative team members, and as patrons, so that IBP can continue its rise and serve an increasingly wider audience. 

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Thank you for your interest in the varied aspects of my work, all expressions of my passion for music, for art, and for the world.

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